I am offering my 1951 Chevrolet 1300 (Canadian model) 1/2 ton pickup

I had searched for the right advanced design pickup for many years until finally coming across this pickup. I’ve had it for over six years and had never expected to offer it for sale, but never say never I suppose. I would place this pickup at the upper end of any unmolested 1947-1955 Chevy/GMC AD pickup. At the very least the opportunities to purchase an original pickup of this vintage are becoming more rare. With respect to the body I would fully expect anyone who does end up with this truck to be extremely happy with their purchase. The truck was very well cared for which is evident of the meticulous records kept of it. The body is very straight and even quite absent of minor dents/dings. I am led to believe that even the wooden strips in the box are original. There is very minimal rust (just some surface patina). With the exception of a small area of where the seam on the lower inside cowl meets the passenger side floorboard (pictured) this truck is absent rust/rot issues. The rest of the truck; floors, cab corners, running boards, fenders etc. are all very solid. This truck is still running on the original 6 volt system.

The real ace in the hole with this truck comes in the form of the extraordinarily meticulously kept documents of its history. I have a binder full of records with an abundance of detailed history. Some of the examples of the documentation included are: original bill of sale, original owners & operating manuals, original owners service policy, original service records dating back to 1951, many many years of original registration renewals, original insurance policies including the original in 1951 (was only $5/yr BTW), many parts/tires purchases, some old photos of it, as well as other info leading right up to the time of my ownership.

This truck is essentially all original with the exception of having switched the original 216 inline 6 engine out for a brand new fully rebuilt 261 inline 6 engine. This engine runs like a Swiss watch. I am including the original engine with this offering as well. It is clean and did run fine at the time of its removal, but I have no idea if it was ever rebuilt (I don’t expect so).

The interior is still pretty much original. I just replaced the door panels and replaced the rubber floor mat, but left everything else untouched. The seat has a small rip on the top and one rip on the bottom near the drivers side. The drivers side door latch and exterior door handle were replaced.

This truck has current registration and insurance. I broke in the cam and put roughly 5-10 miles on this truck, so this engine is still very fresh. The truck runs great, but I did notice that the drive line has a vibration. The front u-joint behind the transmission seems like it is out (u-joint was fine at the time of installation). Because neither the transmission nor the rear end had issues prior to my removal of them to paint and install new gaskets I would wager a guess that it is likely only the pinion angle being out on the rear differential, so I would expect it to be an easy adjustment. I ran out of time and have had to put this truck into storage, so I have been unable to address this minor issue at this time. Remember that this has a torque tube instead of an open drive.

I do have few minor additional parts, which are not installed, I will include with this truck such as brand new anti rattle kit.

Price: $18,500

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Originally listed on October 28, 2020.
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Seller: usetobewise

Location: Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada