This is a former Military pickup – Dodge W200 – military designation M885 (M880 series with extra springs for 2500 pound payload capacity)

There are a few old documents in the glove compartment that I’ll include – looks like the truck was originally US Army, then National Guard, and then transferred to the Forestry Service (where it was maybe painted yellow, then red)

The truck is solid, not rusted through anywhere (even the floor pans are solid). Biggest body issue in my opinion is the roof of the cab – it’s dented and has holes where a light bar/antenna was mounted at one time I think – Forestry Service maybe?

I think the previous owner replaced the dash (which is in good shape). I have 2 speedometers – one shows shows 07079 and the other 33,512. So I assume the truck may have as much as 133,512 miles, but don’t know for sure.

The truck runs and drives well – I use it for picking up mulch and other yard/garden errands. All the exterior lights work (headlamps, turn signals, tail and brake lights). No visible smoke or major oil leaks (a drop or two on pavement after driving)

The windshield wiper arms are currently removed. The wiper motor works but the control arms (under the cowling) have come loose and need to be reattached – I have new bushings and will include them.

Other parts that will also be included:

– a better steering wheel with horn button (see pic)

– new replacement front and rear window seals

– a new intake manifold – the one on the truck is fine, but I think it is from a 360 CID engine. I figured this out when I purchased a new (and correct) after-market carb and it didn’t fit. I got the carb installed with an adapter plate – had to make a custom choke linkage since the carb now sits a half inch high. I purchased a new manifold which came from a military warehouse and so should be an exact replacement for the original (see pic). I also have the necessary gaskets if you want to do the replacement and will included those (both intake and valve cover gasket kits)

Additional info based on recent question:

I do have the carb that came on the truck. It is Holley 2 barrel and fits onto the current intake without an adapter. When I bought the truck (3 years ago) it would frequently stall – seemed to be a carb issue. Rather than rebuilding the carb, I ordered a new made-in-china copy. When I tried to install it, it wouldn’t fit. I researched the part numbers on the intake and heads and figured out that the engine is a 318, but the intake is from a 360. Not sure why/when somebody did that – but the 360 intake is obviously compatible. So when I say “correct carb”, I mean a carb that will fit (without an adapter plate) on the intake that should be on the engine (the 360 2-barrel bolt pattern is larger).

The correct 2-barrel carb for the 318 is a Carter BBD. The one I put on the truck is what I’d call “aftermarket” (not actually a Carter built original) – it works great (no more stalling). If you install the correct manifold that I’m including, that carb that’s on the truck now (or an original Carter BBD) will bolt right on without the adapter plate. I also have a new choke (see the manifold pic).

I also have an old OEM (Cater) BBD carb that I picked up – you could rebuild if it you want it to be more original. I’ll include that one too. So you’ll have the one that came on the truck when I bought it, the one on the truck now, and an old Carter original BBD). I added 5 carb pics – first 2 are the Holley, last 3 are the old OEM Carter BBD (both will be included)

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