This is a project truck I do not plan to complete at this time. It has been modified, the frame and cab have had 5″ added for comfort. as shown in the pictures. The frame as been fully boxed, and the extension has been strongly fortified. Other custom changes include Kindig door handles, the hood has been pie cut, the truck was a small window but but has been replaced with a big window. The bumpers are currently cut down Camaro bumpers, but they can be replaced with the original style.

The truck has a NC DMV and is titled as a 1956 Fork truck. I purchased this truck and three other ’55-56 Fords at about the same time. I found out that one had been stolen and recovered, one had had the VIN on the chassis altered rather poorly (I wound up selling it for parts), and this truck did not match the title I received.

This truck had NC DMV was called in and it was determined that the best thing to do on this truck was to reassign a VIN through the NC DMV. The DMV inspected this truck and approved it to receive the new VIN number. If you have questions concerning the title in your state, please feel free to show it to your DMV. The title is pictured but without my name and address.

The truck has a 2012 Mustang Coyote engine and the original manual transmission, purchased from a reputable salvage dealer. I do not remember the mileage, I think it was 37K +/- I would not have bought an engine with much more mileage than that. It may be possible for me to get the actual mileage if that if paramount in your decision making process. The firewall has been replaced and has a 2″ recess to allow for the motor to set back slightly. There is currently a Mustang dash installed (as pictured) but it comes with the original dash if desired (also pictured) somebody butchered the radio insert, but that is an easy fix. Comes with aluminum radiator, but no fan or shroud. Electric window mechanisms are installed, but NO glass comes with the truck, and two nearly new leather buckets form a recent model GM vehicle.

The front suspension is a Heidt’s independent coil over front suspension installed with 15″ 6 piston Brembo calipers (pictured). The rear suspension came from a ’04 Mustang Cobra and is also fully independent, (stock disc 10″ ?) calipers are stock.

Exhaust has been run out the center back exit with stainless 2 1/2″ pipes and Borla Mufflers. I am including a picture of the exhaust setup I am doing on a sister truck solely for reference for an alternative (pictured and for reference only) that could be done on this truck at the buyers cost.

The bed and all the fenders are reproductions, the cab corners have been replaced. The rear fenders have been molded into the bed sides and inner fenders added for clearance. The bed wood is Zebra Wood (pictured, but dusty) the strips are stainless with hidden bolts. The wood has several coats of finish but would need the final finish just prior to installation. Tail lights are LED (as shown). Outside mirrors have turn signals built in (pictured).

The wheels are new 20″ Shelby with new Michelin tires.

The gas tank is approximately 20 gallons and is custom made aluminium with the proper fuel pump and return. The fuel lines have been run to the engine. Access to the filler is hidden when the tailgate is up. The tailgate has a scissor like mechanism rather than the old chain installation.

The truck is currently “blown apart” for installation on the brake and clutch assembly. The brake lines are to be run in the next couple of days. It can be put back together in a matter of a couple of days.

I am selling for health reasons, I just cannot operate a clutch anymore, and I a second hip replacement operation coming up.

Additional work needed; obviously paint and interior, an engine control module (Approx. $1525 from Summit), power steering (Best solution new serpentine system from Vintage Air at $1350 +/-). Wiring harness $325-$500, Aluminum Drive shaft for $800 +/-. Gauges (sock or ?), grille, head lights (has some new parts), third brake light, glass. There is no HVAC unit included, but the Vintage Air serpentine system comes with a new compressor. None of the prices have any labor included. I am certain there are other things to be done, but that would get the truck running under it’s own power.

Additional work can be done at a reasonable rate.

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar 1956 Ford F-100 (Affiliate link)

Location: Wilkesboro, North Carolina, United States